Virginia Military Institute 3rd Barracks

The VMI Third Barracks Job marked an exciting period of growth for Lantz Custom Woodworking (LCW).  At the time, it was the largest job ever undertaken by LCW.  It also provided an added benefit of being a highly visible job.

The building itself could not be more prestigiously sited, completing the line of Gothic Revival structures begun in 1848 with Jackson Davis’s Old Barracks, around the main parade ground. While the exterior harmonizes with the stucco facades of the older structures the interior features high, airy spaces and streamlined, light-stained clear maple woodworking.

Partly in anticipation of this work, we acquired our first CNC machine, a KOMO VR 512 router.  This allowed us to quickly produce custom panel layouts as soon as on-site measurements became set.

Note the massive, arched window casings, standing over two stories tall. Each one was built and finished in the shop and assembled on the floor of the building, then raised into place for scribing. Then they came back down for notching and planing, before final reassembly and installation.



Lejeune Hall, Third Barracks


January 2009

General Contractor:

Nielsen Builders



Project Highlights:

  • Welcome Center Paneling and reception desk
  • Barnesand Nobles Bookstore Build-out
  • Arched Window Casings
  • Staircase Paneling and Railings
  • Entrance Display Case
  • Arched and Coffered Ceilings
  • “Keydet Canteen” Food Court


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