Veneering, Curved Work, and Inlay

Veneer Inlay “Tree of Life”

While veneer is sometimes associated with cheap production furniture, the reality is that quality veneers have been showcased in high end furniture and millwork for many years.  This is evidenced by beautiful veneered pieces from the 19th century that are preserved in our national museums.  Well executed veneer construction offers dimensional stability, color consistency and uniformity of grain patterns that simply cannot be matched with solid wood.  Veneers are available in hundreds of species & patterns, allowing a vast array of design possibilities as well as offering responsible use of exotic & limited wood resources.

The bag press has been used at Lantz Custom Woodworking over the last 10 years to fabricate curved and compound curved millwork as well as intricate veneer inlays.  The bag press uses atmospheric pressure to apply up to 1774 pounds per square foot of clamping pressure on the glued up panel.  That’s nearly 71,000 pounds on a 4×10 panel!

Vacuum bag press

In addition to curved millwork and inlayed veneers, the bag press is also used to fabricate custom panels.  This is especially useful when quantities are small (less than 10 sheets) or lead times are critical.  When large quantity veneering solutions are required, Lantz Custom Woodworking has established partnerships with reliable vendors.

If you have a job that requires curved millwork, custom veneering or a unique inlayed design, Lantz Custom Woodworking is well equipped to assist you with your project.

Key equipment:

  • Vacuum Pressing Systems: 4’ x 10’ flip top bag press
  • Curved Casing/Jamb Clamps


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