Proper installation of cabinetry and millwork is fundamental to achieve a quality final product.  That’s why Lantz Custom Woodworking has always insisted on installing their work.

At Lantz Custom Woodworking successful installations start in the shop.  Cabinets are designed and built to minimize the number of field joints.  In addition, many projects are pre-assembled in the shop prior to finishing.  This extra step allows craftsmen to recognize and correct potential issues early in the construction process.  It also assures that field joints will come together properly and provides opportunity to shop cut, assemble and sand moldings before finishing.  When the project is installed on site, the cabinets are leveled, scribed and reassembled in the same manner as they had been shop.  The end result is a superior fit and finish that cannot be duplicated any other way.

Come visit the shop and showroom on Acorn Drive to learn more about installation by Lantz Custom Woodworking.

Key equipment:

18’ Box van

Laser levels

Complete set of installation site tools

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