Applying a hand-rubbed stain

There is a saying in this business that the only thing a customer sees is the top several mils of a cabinet (a reference to the typical coating thickness of a cabinet).  Unfortunately, this is an excuse by some to justify cutting corners in construction.  However, there is definitely truth in that the finish is what a person sees.  A great finish on poorly built cabinets can be more attractive than a poor finish on well-built cabinets.

Lantz Custom Woodworking strives to not only build high quality cabinets, but also to apply a superior custom finish to those cabinets.  LCW has focused on finishing for many years and as a result has developed one of the best finishing operations in the Shenandoah Valley.  In 2005, LCW built a significant addition to its shop that included a 40’ x 53’ finishing room with a 16’ spray booth and an isolated air make-up system.  While there are many variables to obtaining a high quality wood finish, having a dust free area to work is a basic essential.

In addition to the finish room, LCW invests significant effort to make sure that all parts are well sanded and prepared to receive finish.  Any good finisher will testify to the importance of proper preparation to achieving a quality finish.


From simple clear coatings and stains, to glazes and faux finishes, Lantz Custom Woodworking has the facility, equipment, and experience necessary to do the job.  Come visit the shop and showroom on Acorn Drive and see what Lantz can do for you.

Key equipment:

16’ x 8’ x 8’ Industrial finishing booth

Kremlin spray system

Heated air makeup unit

Multiple mobile paint racks

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