CNC Capabilities


In 2007, Lantz Custom Woodworking purchase a CNC router which has had a profound impact on the shop operations.  The CNC has proven to be an efficient tool for producing complex, accurate and repeatable parts that simply cannot be matched with more traditional woodworking machinery.  When parts get to assembly, they simply fit with little to no need for tweaking and adjustments.

The CNC has also opened up opportunities for Lantz Custom Woodworking to fabricate custom inlayed designs, carvings, signs with engraved lettering, and complex curved parts with the same level of accuracy as basic square cabinets parts.

The CNC offers Lantz Custom Woodworking a unique opportunity to benefit from a production quality piece of equipment in a custom shop environment.  Lantz Custom Woodworking also welcomes opportunities to use the CNC for production of component parts for commercial customers.

Whether you are looking for custom one-of-a-kind cabinet or need help producing large quantities of component parts, Lantz Custom Woodworking has the capabilities to assist you with your project.

Key equipment:

KOMO CNC Router with Automatic Tool Changer

  • 5×12 vacuum table
  • 10 tool rotary tool changer
  • C-Axis (in co-ordination with a right angle aggregate, this feature allows for work on all edges of a part as well as the top face)
  • 11 spindle drill bank (7 vertical, 4 horizontal)

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